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How to use Backpack for GTD
All were nice, but the common issue was this: Each solution offers the author's interpretation of how a GTD system should work. I don't want to learn software before I can begin managing my stuff. Nor do I want to be limited to the ...
GTD Cafe: How to Trim Your Reading List ... to Two
One of my favorite aspects of GTD is its simplicity and "go with what works" feel. When it comes to something as simple as the use of one's blog reader, I have to admit that my choice to drop Google Reader has in some part, ...
Tips for Environmentally Friendly GTD
One wouldn't need to think very hard to come up with ways that their everyday life could be adjusted to be friendlier to Mother Earth, even the GTD folk. Here are a few little brainstorms I came up with for more environmentally-friendly ...
Quick Tips From 9 GTD Practitioners
The great thing about getting into the GTD system is the plethora of material and advice available. All ranging from simple beginner steps to advanced techniques, you can find just about the right point to get you over any given hurdle. ...
Getting started with GTD
After listening to a few Productive Talk podcasts and starting to listen to the GTD audio book, I'm trying to get my arms around how to actually get started in the GTD practice. I work as an IT consulting co. account mgr. ...
GTD via Shell by way of LaunchBar
I'm forever fiddling with online 'organizers' one of the nicest IMHO is Backpack by those 37 signals guys, it's clean and straightforward - and while I doubt I'll ever actually use it for my day-to-day masterlist, it's an excellent ...
Getting Things Done Guru David Allen and His Cult of Hyperefficiency
Wired News - Allen is in Chicago to give one of his daylong seminars, for which several hundred people will pay nearly $600 each for help putting GTD, as his method is known, into practice. Many readers of Getting Things Done apply one or two of the book's tricks ...

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In this episode, David and Merlin look at best practices for implementing Getting Things Done. David shares some great advice on firewalling review time and warns us how to avoid the perils of "cruise control."
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