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Death to procrastination: Use the 4 day win to...
Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything you want to get done in the new year? ... . I know that I have some die-hard Getting Things Done (GTD) readers, so the methodology may feel either repetitive or too
Omnifocus' nested contexts
In the GTD system, you plan in projects. A project is just a grouping of actions with one goal ("Fix bug in pdf generation") ... my first entry on how I use omnifocus Tags: gtd, omnifocus
A New Day for Black Belt Productivity
Well, you may have noticed (if you are actually at the site), there is a new look to Black Belt Productivity now ... in the realm of productivity, and more specifically GTD. We look forward to bring them
GTD Cafe: How to Step Away from Gadget Overload
A while back I posted that I was upgrading my smartphone and considering some options. The time has come like many gadget aficionados ( ... a few moments to review my sponsors and check out the DIY GTD Calendar. An updated version for 2008
Readers' Choice campaigning heats up
Mac Central - IMO, it's the best GTD app out there, and the developer has always been very responsive, especially with including new features that were requested. Please also consider that iGTD has been provided as freeware from the beginning. I am sure that ...
What would the perfect business day look like?
GTD - David Allen Most days small business owners are juggling all the stuff that comes at them all day, either planned or self-inflicted, with a somewhat unsystematic, gut level kind of approach
2 Days in 1 : Get More Done
[ Astronomical Clock - Prague] Shortly after typing A Millenial's 6 Step Guide to Getting Things Done, I realized I had shared my strategy for getting things done (GTD) but, not the core strategy I use that helps me get more done (GMD) by staying focused. Too Many Tasks After Work Outside

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