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My GTD in Google Reader
After my post on Google Reader workflow, I thought I'd try and give it ago, or at least set it up with my flavour of Getting Things Done (GTD).
GTD for creative work
Nice article on implementing GTD (productivity system) for creative work.
Getting More out of Google Reader Search
If you've haven't been bowled over by the recent Apple announcement of an iPhone sans phone, you may have noticed that Google Reader now has search. I'll admit, I didn't notice it. And I use Google Reader as my feed reader! ...
What do I Like about GTD Tracks? Let Me Count the Ways
I recently told you that I've picked GTD Tracks (a hosted Tracks implementation, Tracks being a Ruby on Rails application) and my latest GTD tool. I didn't get much of a chance to tell you what I liked about it. ...
RTM and GTD and searching partial tags
So I am attempting to implement the Getting Things Done time management system with RTM. I'm still fiddling around with my set-up, but right now I've got about 6 lists for areas for responsibility and am using tags and smartlists to ...
Reply to RTM and GTD and searching partial tags
I have also implemented a GTD approach. I use a smart list filter: (list:Inbox) OR (isLocated:false) OR (NOT timeEstimate:">0 min") OR (isTagged:false) in order to trap incomplete tasks. Unfortunately you can't look for tagContains:-
GTD for Bloggers: The Art of Stress-free Blogging < Web Worker Daily

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