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Interview met Phil Libin, CEO Evernote
Looking at Evernote, Evernote is mainly an application that allows customers to remember everything. There are some very light option of using it for GTD. Any plans on expanding on that in the near future or does Evernote stay true to its core values and...
BusyMe mini
Make your task structures as simple or as detailed as you like - with folders, lists, contexts, alerts, due dates, and more! BusyMe's to-do approach is based on Get Things Done (GTD) principles....
Use Your Browser as a Productivity Tool
Getting Things Done (GTD), a popular personal productivity system created by David Allen, is easily the most complex productivity system of the three we recommend. Still, the core premise of Allen's system is straightforward...
Create an Extra Hour in Your Day
Don't think it's possible? Try these 10 tools to give yourself a productivity boost. I don't know about you, but I can't function without having a lot on my plate. I'm one of those 'work-well-under-pressure' type of entrepreneur. One thing that I can't stand is repetitive tasks; tasks that could and should be automated. I always look for ways to improve my productivity – if I can shave five...
How To Use Springpad As Your New Personal Assistant
Few people actually love organising their calendars and projects — there’s nothing terribly exciting or sexy about most productivity tools once you actually sit down and start using them. The new Springpad is different, though. It’s a fantastic, easy-to-use web app that helps you organise your life, your ideas and your projects. Once you get started, it’s also a lot of fun...
Daily iPhone app: ListBook
ListBook is yet another to-do app with an engaging interface that is easy to use. Of course it exists in a sea of GTD ( Getting Things Done ) apps, but I think it is staying above water....
Q&A: How to avoid information overload? Focus
It's just really good at amplifying the effects of a meandering mind. It's the basic message Allen has been emphasizing for years through his books and seminars espousing the "GTD work-life management system."...
Getting Things Done Undone - Town Hall
Getting Things Done Undone Town Hall That's why you need to become a master of GTD , or "Getting Things Done." GTD is the philosophy of David Allen, a productivity consultant, trainer, and the author of a book called, surprisingly, "Getting Things Done." In "When Office Technology...

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In this episode, David and Merlin look at best practices for implementing Getting Things Done. David shares some great advice on firewalling review time and warns us how to avoid the perils of "cruise control."
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