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Getting Over GTD
Paperclips For those of you who don't know, GTD stands for Getting Things Done. It's a book (and an entire system) ... , you most likely understand that GTD has developed a sort of "cult" following, with devoted users coming up with new and inventive ways of implementing the GTD philosophy into every aspect of their lives
TaskPaper 1.0 Review
TaskPaper 1.0 Review October 25th, 2007 | Published in gtd I was getting ready to write a review on TaskPaper, only to find one who shared my exact sentiments. There have been a slew of GTD-focused apps introduced on the Mac in the last few years. I've looked at each with the hope that they would free
Can I replace my laptop with an iPhone?
You have been a part of an experiment. I have been sending you emails, getting to your office, and looking up information for you using my iPhone. Like many iPhone owners, I have been experimenting with the question, "Can I replace my laptop with an iPhone?
Permanent Link to Getting Things Done (GTD) For...
Getting Things Done (GTD) For Me October 25th, 2007 | Published in gtd I've been using David Allen's "Getting Things Done (GTD) ... . When I started doing GTD, I did the Hipster PDA after a short bout with TiddlyWiki, for everything ... for a GTD-based workflow (too much features and you end up tinkering with the system and not getting
GTD Summary Video from David Allen
GTD Summary Video from David Allen October 25th, 2007 Here is a great video on YouTube from David Allen himself explaining the basic concepts of ... GTD. Wish I'd had this link a long time ago-I can't count the number of "GTD in a nutshell" pitches I've done :-) Posted in GTD
The GTD Projects List
Over the past few months, I have been experimenting with David Allen's Getting Things Done system to help me manage my work and personal projects. I have to admit, I have streamlined the system quite a bit. If followed exactly, GTD is too labor-intensive and (gasp!) too detail-oriented to suit me. But on the whole, the system has helped
Minireview: Getting things done with TaskPaper 1.0
Ars Technica - His latest application, TaskPaper , a GTD (Get Things Done) task list, similarly concentrates on doing one thing well. Before you say "OmniFocus," Jesse Grosjean did, saying that if "you are looking for a larger more structured application then check ...

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